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Susie Phillips

Registered Veterinary Nurse

Susie Phillips - Registered Veterinary Nurse
Susie Phillips RVN ISFM AdvCertFB Registered Veterinary Nurse

Previous Experience

I started my career in verterinary nursing later in life and I have been in practice now for 6 years. I moved from a small practice to a hospital and worked in a micture of shifts including covering nights and out of hours emergency work.


I have a passion for cats and I undertook the ISFM Advanced Certificate in Feline Behaviour. I completed it in November 2018 and have found it hugely valuable. I am currently studying for the ISFM Foundational Diploma in Feline Nursing. 

I enjoy undertaking Clinical Coaching and I have, and look to study further in areas including Anaesthesia, Pain Management, Nutrition and Elderly Care.

Interests and Hobbies

Volunteering for Shropshire Cat Rescue, gardening, baking, spending days out walkng and visiting historical properties. I enjoy going to concerts and live events with my husband, family and friends. I love listening to rock music and usually, Planet Rock Radio is always on. I make chainmail jewellery and accessories, and enjoy other crafts and developing my craft skills.


I have 5 cats; they are all rescues. They are Pippin, Gizzmo, Bob, Tyrian and Freddie. I hand reared Tyrian and Freddie and they never left! Freddie is the newest addition. He is 1 year old and climbs trees and sleeps on our chimney.