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Useful Website Links

Expert care for every aspect of your pet’s health

Website Information  
www.icatcare.org Feline behaviour, advice and diseases  
www.jungleforpets.co.uk Endo and Ecto parasites  
www.mypetonline.co.uk Diabetes, Vaccinations, Rabbit care, disease, nutrition and parasites  
www.adaptil.com Canine behaviour, training and Adaptil  
www.feliway.com Feline behaviour and Feliway  
www.apbc.org.uk Canine behaviour, advice and list of behaviourists  
www.royalcanin.co.uk Royal Canin dog and cat range and feeding guidelines  
www.metacam.co.uk Arthritis  
www.companyofanimals.co.uk  Behaviour, training and toys  
www.apdt.co.uk Dog trainers  
www.willows.uk.net Conditions and procedures that we refer to their specialist team and directions to their practice  
www.dogtrust.org.uk General dog care, training videos and behaviour advice  
www.petplan.co.uk Pet insurance  
www.cats.org.uk Leaflets, cat diseases, cat care  
www.pfma.org.uk Pet food and nutrition advice for cats, dogs and exotics. Obesity and calorie calculator