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Pet Insurance

Check below our advice for pet owners

After buying your precious puppy, kitten or new rabbit a washable fluffy bed, cartoon feeding bowls and a collar with a heart shaped name tag, your most important purchasing decision is how to protect them, and your bank account, with insurance.

The choice of policies is baffling and very confusing when trying to compare ‘like for like’

Top Tips:

12 month policy – If your pet developed a long term illness or suffered an injury, you can claim for this treatment for 12 months from when the issue was first noticed , but then the condition would be excluded from your policy.

Life time cover policies – If your pets developed a long – term illness or suffered an injury, you can claim year after year for their treatment, provided you renew your policy annually without a break in cover.

Read the small print, however much you don't want to!

Having made your choice, stick with it! When is a pet not a car? When it comes to insurance!

There is nothing wrong with using comparison sites for your initial search, or swapping insurers for a better policy if you are positive that the history contains no comments which may lead to exclusions.

We see daily the misery caused by owners picking the cheapest premiums and believing the insurers’ promises of ‘Peace of mind’. They swap and change, slowly leaving their pet uninsured for most ailments.

Beware of very low maximum limits – we saw one for a total of £500 not long ago – an operation at a referral specialist can cost £5,000 or more!

Don't let your policy lapse and think that starting it again with the same company covers conditions that happened before… won’t!

Remember we are here to help, so if you have any questions just ask Katie.