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Carmel Casebook: Brucey

Meet Brucey an eight month old Border Collie. Brucey had a habit of eating stones but unfortunately his luck ran when he swallowed a sharp one. After a couple of days Brucey was feeling very uncomfortable and when Tim took a look at him he quickly realised all was not well. Within an hour of him coming in Brucey was operated on and it was discovered the stones (see inset) had caused a blockage in his bowel. This restricted the blood supply resulting in part of the bowel dying away which had to be removed along with the stones, left another day then Brucey may not have made it. This is Brucey after his operation and happily he made a full recovery – no more stones eh Brucey! Brucey owners said “We’d like to thank Tim for saving Bruce life, don’t know what you did but Bruce well behaved now!”