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Cheryl Hedges


Cheryl Hedges
Cheryl Hedges Receptionist

Previous Experience

I have been working with Walpole and Bingham as a receptionist for 5 years.

Previously I was a line manager in the manufacturing industry. I ensured deadlines were met along with dealing with customers on a regular basis.

I started in the packing department and worked my way up the ranks.


Even though I work as a receptionist at the vets, on a regular basin I help with puppies during c-sections and help Clients with their litters. Especially Tube Feeding and hand rearing advice.

I have Brachiaphallic breeds at home so when we have clients in with them I understand the issues the breeds have and can put clients at ease when their pet has problems.

I have a very good knowledge of dogs and their ailments so it helps when answering client’s questions.  I always try to go above and beyond when helping clients, it helps to build up a rapport with them making them feel valued when they visit the practice.

Interests and Hobbies

I have always kept dogs. Even from an early age I attended Agility and obedience regularly, then moving on to passing my course to become an obedience trainer under the National Dog association.

For the last 20 years I have bred and occasionally shown my dogs. At times qualifying for Crufts which is definitely an experience I would not have missed. I always strive to produce happy healthy dogs. Caring out health testing and rearing with no expense spared.

I have hand reared many puppies over the years which I find very rewarding. It makes you feel as though you have done some good when a puppy is running round, happy and healthy because of the hard work you have put in.

 I have also taken on Rescue Dogs. Whether they have been poorly, mistreated or ended up in rescue due to no fault of their own. With time TLC and patience they are all now living a good life with people who adore them.


I currently have 19 dogs which include 2 rescues and 4 that belonged to Mom. She died 3 years ago and I didn’t feel that I could split them up to go to different homes so I kept them together.

My Dogs are my life. I could never imagine being without four legged friends.

I also have an African Grey Parrot called Ricky. I had him at 14 weeks old and he is now 7 years. He is such a character. I think he has 2 aims in his life. One to tease the Dogs and two, to annoy my Partner. Both of which he does well.