Laura Watson

Clinical Lead Nurse

Laura Watson
Laura Watson RVN ISFM AdvCertFB Clinical Lead Nurse

"Animals are my world."

Previous Experience

  • Grew up on a working farm with horses, chickens, cows, dogs, cats and rabbits.
  • ​2 years volunteering at a small animal veterinary practice.
  • Worked in a dog groomers for four years.
  • 5 years veterinary nursing at a Wolverhampton small animal practice.
  • Qualified in 2018.
  • Rescuing and rehabilitating injured and ill cats and kittens.


  • Working towards the International Society of Feline Medicine Advanced Certificate in Feline Behaviour.
  • Level 3 Veterinary Nursing Diploma.
  • Special interest in anaesthesia, analgesia, radiography, surgery, clinical audits, feline behaviour, nutrition and nurse consultations. 
  • Clinical coach for student veterinary nurses and animal care assistants and nurse mentor for the IVC Nurse Academy.
  • Radiation Protection Supervisor.
  • Carmel Calorie Counters Adviser for weight loss nutrition for dogs, cats and small pets. 
  • British Veterinary Nursing Association Oral Care advisor. 
  • Clinical senior lead nurse. 

Interests & Hobbies

  • Walking our dog Poppy in our village in the beautiful countryside and canal paths. 
  • Spending time with all of our pets.
  • Busy Mum to Chloe.
  • Visiting animal sanctuaries for family days out. 
  • Chocolate tasting. 
  • Horse riding.
  • Reading and learning. 


I have three rescue cats called Mindy, Monty and Meme, who are all domestic short haired cats, Meme and Mindy are black cats and Monty is a black and white cat, they have all been rescues from the vets as these colour cats are notoriously more difficult to re-home. I have a beautiful Golden Retriever called Poppy who loves to come to work with me and hang out with office workers and help with office duties such as shredding and bin inspections! I also have two rescue guinea pigs called Cinnamon and Clover who are very cheeky and spoilt piggies and a loan pony for my daughter called Bobbin who is a senior boy that acts like a foal