Vaccinations and boosters

Vaccination is the only safe way to provide immunity against a number of dangerous diseases which continue to infect dogs and cats in the UK. When kept up-to-date, as recommended by your vet, regular vaccination can keep your pet protected for life.

Vaccinations work by injecting a small and entirely harmless dose of the diseases, allowing the body to build immunity and the ability to fight infections. Two doses are given, a few weeks apart, when your pet is very young. It’s also important to maintain immunity by topping up with annual boosters.

For cats our vaccination package includes:

  • A full veterinary health check
  • 4 weeks FREE insurance
  • A FREE flea treatment
  • A vaccination card
  • Discount vouchers, to be used on neutering, microchips, flea and worm treatments
  • A FREE kitten / puppy pack containing lots of information and a FREE food sample