For your pet a visit to the dentist is not quite as simple as it is for a human! As you can appreciate, a feisty German Shepherd is not very likely to sit still while his teeth are cleaned, so unfortunately it does mean a full anaesthetic. However, as with all surgical procedures, your pet will receive an anaesthetic designed for their age, health status etc, enabling us to perform the required procedure in the safest possible way. We have digital x-ray facilities for dental radiographs and we routinely carry out a range of treatments, from simple ultrasonic scaling and polishing to extractions and even more specialised dental procedures.


Our dedicated operating theatre is fully equipped, with all the latest surgical tools and equipment at the vets’ fingertips. We use some of the most up to date anaesthetic drugs, designing a specific programme to best suit your pet’s age and state of health. Your pet’s pulse and blood pressure is constantly monitored from induction to recovery using state of the art equipment. Having a Qualified Veterinary Nurse constantly at your pet’s side also improves the safety and wellbeing of your pet whilst anaesthetised. Our vets are trained and experienced in a wide range of routine and specialist procedures, to give a shorter anaesthetic time and a faster recovery for your pet.


At Carmel’s we pride ourselves on staying up to date with the best treatments available. We regularly update our drug supplies to reflect medical advances, as long as they have been successfully tried and tested by the experts. We have a wide range of medications at our fingertips, so you can start treatment quickly and your pet will be feeling better before you know it. We also offer competitive prices for repeat prescriptions (providing prescription presented) from other veterinary practices.