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For the month of September we will be running a VACCINATION AMNESTY and will be lowering our DOG & CAT vaccination prices to £30.00!!!!

So thats £30.00 for a DOG or CAT BOOSTER & for a complete RESTART VACCINATION COURSE! So if your dog or cat is due a Booster or it’s slipped your mind and they need to restart their vaccines, get them booked in for September!

If you have a PUPPY or KITTEN and they don’t require our STARTER PACKAGES as they are already microchipped, flea and worm treated, then book them in, we will still offer the free food, 4 weeks free insurance and information pack!

This price will also include a FULL VETERINARY HEALTH CHECK!

Keep an eye on the Carmel Vets Facebook page for a COMPETITION in conjunction with this offer! ????????????????