You’re probably well aware of the widespread use and benefits of physiotherapy for humans, but did you know that for animals as well the technique can speed up recovery after orthopaedic operations? It can also keep pets with arthritis more mobile and active, so essential for their overall health.

We use a combination of relaxing strokes and massage together with passive movements to improve flexibility of the joints and stretch the muscles. At the first training session Laura will find out which exercises are best suited to your pet’s condition and demonstrate how you can continue these at home. As little as one or two half-hour sessions of physiotherapy a day can make an enormous difference.

Laura will work out a detailed treatment plan and reassess your pet on follow up consultations. This is a great opportunity for you to get involved in making your pet feel better and spend some quality time together. Treatment can be started on the day after an operation or at any time for arthritis sufferers.