Pet Insurance

We strongly believe in the value of pet insurance. Most people insure their home and their car, but neglect to insure their pet. With a 1 in 3 chance that your pet will require unexpected veterinary treatment this year, you are much more likely to need pet insurance!

All our staff have Approved Representer status with Petplan Insurance, which has a 20-year track record of excellent service. We are trained to give you help and advice on which policy will best suit your needs. We can answer any queries you may have about this vital area of pet care, which is rather complex as there are so many products on the market.

We can even sign you up for an annual policy on the spot. For puppies, kittens and baby rabbits we can issue a free few weeks’ cover which is activated at first vaccination. This provides cover for your pet at a time when they are most likely to show signs of any ongoing problems. Should you decide to continue with the plan, we can extend this to annual cover.