Banish the worry of lost pets – Microchipping is a sensible measure that’s set to become law for dogs in 2016.

Imagine the situation – doors left open by children or visitors, frightening noises, wandering whilst on holiday … the possibilities are endless.  Of course you take good care of your pet, but even the most loved and well trained pet can go missing.  Whatever the reason, you can’t be sure that a collar and tag will still be there when your pet is found.

But one of the benefits of advances in modern technology is that your pet can have a simple procedure to implant a microchip under the skin. This device, just the size of a grain of rice, contains a unique and permanent identification code which is linked to a database. Should the worst happen and your pet gets lost, it’s a straightforward process to secure a joyful reunion: scanners, which are routinely used at veterinary practices, RSPCA, Cats Protection, rescue kennels and by dog wardens, read the code and match it up with your details on the database.

It’s a sensible choice for any pet owner, and in fact microchipping for dogs will become a legal requirement in 2016.

Don’t forget to microchip your cat as well. Cats go out unsupervised and have a greater risk of getting lost. It’s important to remember to keep your contact details up to date if you move house.

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